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The Hemloxx Team

Great minds think alike.  Great minds join Hemloxx.

The Hemloxx executives are a dream team that were hand selected by our Managing Director, Robert Malcom. 

Our Story



ROBERT MALCOM, PH.D. - MANAGING DIRECTOR. A resolution at the General Meeting appoints the MD and is to represent the top-level management of a company. They have authority and oversight of the company's administration and affairs (financial, legal, etc.). The MD can appoint managers and officers. They also have the authority to assign roles and responsibilities to these positions and change duties as they see fit. The MD determines the company's goals, budget, and marketing and advertising strategies and retains the primary decision-making power.

                Robert is a long-time family friend of Johnny Bentley and has served as the MD since the company was founded in 1980.


HUNTER BENTLEY, CEO/PRESIDENT: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President is the topmost executive responsible for making the day-to-day managerial decisions to achieve and maintain the company's overall success. The Managing Director appoints the CEO and administers the policies and strategies for the organization. They are to guide subordinates in their implementation of the company’s mission. The CEO is the spokesperson and face of the company.

Johnny Bentley retired, and Robert Malcom appointed Hunter Bentley as CEO. Before that, Hunter was the Chief Operations Officer since 2000, and before that, the SVP of Administration after graduating from college with an MBA.


REIGN BENTLEY, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER (COO). In the chain of command, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) holds the second position in executive management. A COO will be focused on the execution of business objectives and guarantee that the business is run not only smoothly but effectively. The COO actively monitors and confirms that the rest of the organization is executing the corporate mission and plans, and strategies of the CEO, and, thereby, the Managing Director (MD).

Johnny Bentley retired and Robert Malcom appointed Reign Bentley as the COO. Previous to that, Reign held the Vice President of Sales and Marketing position since 2002 upon graduating with a Ph.D. in business administration.


MARTHA SMITH - (INTERIM) CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (CFO) In the chain of command, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) holds the third position in executive management. The CFO’s duties include financial planning, bookkeeping, budgeting, accounting, creation and monitoring of internal controls, as well as any other financial matters that may arise. The Controller, Treasurer, and Internal Auditor’s offices will report to the CFO. The CFO is responsible for the accuracy of the financial statements and the company’s financial statements.

 The Vice President of Finance, Martha Smith, serves as the interim CFO. There is an ongoing global search to fill this open position. The person who held it last died unexpectedly two months ago at 67 years old - the cause of death is still unknown and poison was suspected, but inconclusive.


SAWYER HUXLEY - CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER (CTO) In the chain of command, the Chief Technology Officer holds the fourth position in executive management. The CTO is the top-level executive in the technological department and is responsible for technology maintenance, cyber-security, and technological development. The CTO will maintain and monitor the care of the company's technical processes, policies, and assets.

Sawyer has been the CTO for five years, promoted from the cybersecurity team after ten years of dedicated employment. However, 'rumor has it' that Sawyer has given a month’s notice that they are leaving Hemloxx, Incorporated, for a government/military position.


JENNIFER ROWLS - CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER (CLO) The Chief Legal Officer is the senior legal officer responsible for reducing litigation risks and harmful legal exposure. The CLO advises on all regulatory and legal concerns to employees of the company. The Chief Legal Officer’s branch will handle the legal matters of a company and act as a liaison with the statutory authorities.

Jennifer has been with the company since 1980 and is looking to retire the following year. She has notified the MD, Johnny Bentley, and Hunter Bentley that she doesn’t mind being replaced if they find a suitable candidate.

Hemloxx Compliance reports to the legal office.



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VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE: The VP of finance manages the financial operations of the company. They report to the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the company and are responsible for accounting, bookkeeping, and other financial functions. The Controller, Treasurer and Internal Auditor report to the VP of Finance. The Controller will have a department of account managers that maintain the books and accounts for the company.

                The Vice President of Finance is Paola Bedoya. She has been with the company since 2007 where she started in the accounting department.


VICE PRESIDENT OF TECHNOLOGY: The technology manager will work as per the direction of the CTO (Chief Technical Officer). Further, he/she will assist in the technological management and development of the organizations.

Currently, this position is vacant at Hemloxx, Incorporated. A global search has been implemented. The previous VP of Technology disappeared two months ago after leaving for a boating trip.


VP OF LEGAL: Will assist the company in handling legal and regulatory matters. They report the Chief Legal Officer of the company.

The VP of Legal is Norma Watson. She has been with the company since 1985.


VP OF ADMINISTRATION: managing and supervising the administrative functions of the organization, such as human resources, purchasing, and environmental, health, and safety. The directors of each of those departments report directly to the VP of Administration. Human Resources leads the employees and their relations with the company. These managers act as a link between the employees and the management. They are responsible for recruitment of top talent to the vacant positions. The purchasing director is responsible for the raw materials, office supplies, equipment, and other items that need to be purchased for the corporation to run smoothly. They inventory specific items on a continual basis to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies. The EHS director will identify, remove, reduce and control hazards and risks within the working environment. They develop and implement all health and safety programs. The campus clinic is within the EHS suite at headquarters.

The VP of Administration is Rico Martinez. He has been with the company since 1998. 


VP OF OPERATIONS: The VP of operations will manage and supervise the functions of the company that are not legal, technical or administrative. The following divisions will report to the VP of operations: Hemloxx Media, Hemloxx Hospitality, Hemloxx Design, and Hemloxx Afterlife.

The interim VP of Operations is Revel Bentley, who is a mechanical engineer in the robotics division in addition to this appointment.  Revel has served as the VP of Operations for eight months. The former VP of Operations died in a tragic car accident.

VP OF SALES & MARKETING: responsible for heading the sales division and managing the regional sales directors. They also manage the marketing and advertisement departments of the company and assist in executing marketing strategies and policies of a company.

The VP of Sales and Marketing is Kevin Nye. He has been with the company since 2012. 



Non-management employees are managed and supervised by their respective managers of the company. The term “subordinates” refers to the employees who work with the managers to execute and implement policies, strategies and the corporate mission on the ground floor.  These critical staff members are responsible for performing tasks to achieve the objectives set up by top-level management.

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