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Fancy Funerals strives to provide a luxury experience from the moment the bereaved contacts our Funeral Monarch until the moment the limousines carrying the grieving parties roll away from the iron arches of our private cemetery after the burial ceremony. We offer a wide array of products and services such as: 
Gold-plated beds for the dead with silk bedding
Caviar and champagne offerings at the graveside


Our newest Funeral Monarch, Abe Leota

Gorgeous Graves manages and maintains our private, lush cemeteries that offer opulent, upscale burial grounds across the USA. Starting with traditional burials, our Graveside Concierge will allow you to choose from a variety of luxury tombstones guaranteed to be framed by plush year-round, weed-free zoysia grass.
Bronze, gold, granite, or marble tombstones
Underground crypts, pyramids, mausoleums or traditional graves
Upscale tombstones - marble, quartz, gold, silver, platinum
Memorial statues of your dearly departed in stone, gold, bronze


 New Service Available! 
Graveyard weddings! 
Contact us for further details!
Ask for Quill Bentley!

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