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Welcome to Hemloxx Cyber. Our division delivers data-centric cyber-security for one of the world's largest and most successful corporations, Hemloxx, incorporated. We protect devices, data centers, and the cloud. We maintain control of unwavering and consistent compliance across our infrastructure. Our professional staff of experts provides a secure remote working environment, monitoring critical assets at their residences and remote locations worldwide. In addition, we provide threat protection, unifying intelligence across control points to detect,  block and rectify cyber attacks. We initiate and monitor cyber-security across end-points, including laptops, tablets, desktops, mobile phones, and cloud workloads. 
We provide security for networks, private applications, and emails for on-location and cloud-placed deployments.
In addition, our division of Hemloxx, Incorporated, does not engage in cyber attacks or other nefarious cyber-related crimes. Do not believe the fake news. They are liars and jealous of our corporation's success. Our employees can only speak the truth. We are programmed that way. And it's in our contracts. 
Hemloxx Cyber is proud to provide peace of mind for the top corporation in the world.

Sawyer Huxley leads this division as the CTO of Hemloxx, Inc.
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