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"Hemloxx Robotics is changing the world as we know it."
- Gaines Magazine


Test Tubes


Our Biotech faction targets metabolism, liver, kidney, heart, skin, and brain health. Chronic illnesses claim 35 million lives annually. Our goal: tackle root causes, create products for wellness, and enhance lifespan through healthy aging.

Here are some of our esteemed colleagues and their projects: 

Dr. Penelope Puddlesworth: "Project Squeaky Clean"  investigates the viability of creating self-cleaning socks to spare humanity from the torment of mismatched socks and to free up precious minutes spent searching for lost partners. 

Dr. Aisha Patel: "Quantum Quirkiness: Unraveling the Physics of Awkward Silences" explores the relationship between quantum mechanics and awkward silences at social gatherings, seeking to explain the strange phenomenon where time appears to slow down when conversations turn uncomfortable.

Dr. Whitney Overbey: "Avocado Ripeness Predictor" 

No more avocado disappointments! Our Avocado Ripeness Predictor combines advanced nanotech with avocado-reading algorithms to determine the exact moment your avocado reaches peak guacamole readiness.


Dr. Rhythm Myer:"Serenade Serotonin Synthesizer"

Introducing the Serenade Serotonin Synthesizer! This quirky gadget promises to boost your mood by serenading your serotonin-producing brain cells with catchy tunes and uplifting melodies.

Robotics Engineers


As a tech leader, we elevate productivity, efficiency, transmission, and quality, amplifying market competitiveness. Over 95% of Gaines-500 firms trust our cutting-edge tech.

Our division redefines daily living through AI-driven innovation, spanning homes to industries. With purposeful tech, we create products and services for digital platforms, transport, healthcare, energy, finance, and more.

 Most of our research and development  at Hemloxx Science will be proprietary, but these projects have already hit the news: 

Collaboration - SymbioTom: our groundbreaking project led by Revel Bentley (see below). 

Dr. Mei Wong: "Mixology Man" is a robot that has mastered the fine art of mixing cocktails and serving them with flair. Dr. Mable is training her project to handle shakers, and garnishes, and even master the perfect cocktail shake dance moves, all while keeping a straight, robotic face.

Dr. John Strifewaddle: "SelfieBot Stylist"

Worried about bad hair days? The SelfieBot Stylist offers an AI-powered, selfie-taking robot equipped with hairbrushes, styling gel, and an impeccable sense of photography. Capture your best angles while staying perfectly coiffed.

Dr. Ben Carter: "Pajama-Folder"

 Say goodbye to the struggle of folding pajamas! Our Pajama-Folding Automaton ensures your sleepwear is flawlessly folded, all while busting dance moves and providing light-hearted bedtime entertainment.

Abstract Futuristic Background


Bentley Nanotech masters matter at 1-100 nanometers, using imaging, measuring, and manipulating for unique properties. Our goal: endless tech innovation. From lighter items to antimicrobial fabrics and advanced medical gear, we lead in nanotech R&D.


Dr. Oliver Hawthorne: "NanoMed HealTech" pioneers medical treatment with injectable nanobots that repair cells, deliver medication, and perform minimally invasive procedures, revolutionizing healthcare.

Dr. Isaac Rodriguez: "EnviroNano CleanSweep" employs nanorobots to detoxify polluted sites, breaking down contaminants and restoring ecosystems with precision and sustainability.

Dr. Malik Khan: "NanoMunch Cereal Optimizer" NanoMunch seeks to eliminate the annoyance of soggy cereal by deploying nanobots that sense milk saturation and maintain optimum crunchiness, making breakfast a crunchy adventure every time.

Dr. Maya Gonzalez: "NanoClean Pet Sitter" Sick of pet hair? NanoClean's nanobots double as mini-vacuums, autonomously patrolling your home for stray fur. Embrace a fur-free life without lifting a finger (or a lint roller) and without accidentally tripping over it or having to see a big roller thing invading your home. You won't even know the NanoClean is there. 


Our team is proud to announce SymbioTom, our newest invention, in the final stages of a multi-disciplinary research and development program. This robotic assistant, run by an ever-learning AI, will assist in the owner's daily routine, including personal, home, meals, transportation, and work - no matter the owner's occupation. Bentley robotics holds the key to the future of humankind. 

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